[ Personal Safety ]



CCTV System

We install a variety of cameras for both interior and exterior environments. Visuals can also be monitored on the phone wherever you find yourself, which is ‘SMART CCTV ONLINE’


Electric Fence

With Solar Power Option; The Electric Fence like other security systems deters people from scaling the fence wall. It therefore prevents unauthorized visitors unacceptable entries.


Gate Automation

This eliminate a period of vulnerability when a person has to get out of a vehicle to open his gate. Types of gate motors make any gate type Remote Control, from swing to sliding gates.


Garage Door Automation

We supply and install. Our work covers all the stages of the development of your building from the specification, advice, development, supply and installation as well as after-sales support.


Access Control System

We supply and install Bio Access Control; its essence is to restrict entry into certain departments, offices, rooms etc. It is easy to operate and supports (5) five types of identification modes, the configuration modes include; Fingerprint, Fingerprint + Password, Fingerprint + Card, Card + Password and Fingerprint + Card + Password.


Video Doorbell System

Intercoms provide a means of identifying visitors at your premises without having to remove any barriers between you and them. While audio devices (such as phones) allow for good interaction, adding video allows the user to gauge the situation outside visually as well